Carrots and Cracker Jack. Due to increasing demand, sports venues are now offering a broad range of healthful foods including vegan hot dogs and grilled vegetables.
Find Your (Office) Space. Tips on finding solitude in even the most stressful of workplaces.
James Beard Foundation Awards. Portraits of the nominees for Outstanding Pastry Chef.
Lost in Translation. What nautical words mean, and what to do with them. Client: Boating Magazine

The Online Revolution. Are online petitions the new way to protest?

A Different Approach. The physiological reasons why smart pilots make dumb mistakes. Client: FLYING
Running Past Obstacles. How to manage your time and construct a running schedule for any lifestyle.

Daft Punk. Portrait of the French electronic duo.

Spiderman on Broadway. Despite initially breaking box office records, ticket sales have slowed down for 'Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark.' Does Spidey have the staying power to stick around?

Election Night. After an exhausting, closely fought Presidential race, a victor emerged. 
Summer Break Tour 2013. Poster sold for the 'Summer Break Tour' featuring Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice. Client: Big Time Rush/Creative Allies
Tweeting Tragedy. With many safety organizations using Twitter, society is now hearing about tragic news through social media rather than traditional news outlets. 
The Sky's the Limit? With rollercoasters challenging new boundaries in heights and speeds, some question if there's a limit to the future of thrill rides.

The Forbidden City. Splendid China, an abandoned theme park in Orlando, used to have trouble bringing people in. Now it has trouble keeping trespassers out.

Be Predictable. The dangers of going rogue while flying. Client: FLYING

Out of the Bag. Various states including Oregon and California are making successful efforts to ban plastic bags.

The increased use of neonicotinoid pesticides is linked to dramatic declines in bee populations.

Portraits of the staff of a design studio. Client: 7th Avenue Studio

Rode to Trouble. How to avoid losing your anchor to rough ground terrain. Client: Boating Magazine

Half Baked. T-shirt design based on the Ben and Jerry's flavor with the same name. Client: Creative Allies
Dad Goes Pop. Thanks to social media, creative dads and fun moments are being recorded and broadcast for the world to see. This spot instructs how to make a foolproof ponytail with a vacuum hose. Client: Parenting Magazine
Dad Goes Pop. Thanks to social media, creative dads and fun moments are being recorded and broadcast for the world to see. This spot tells the story of a family's rendition of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Client: Parenting Magazine

How to Climb a Coconut Tree. Illustrations for a page instructing how to properly climb a coconut tree. Client: Caribbean Travel + Life

Sun of a Gun. With gas prices on the rise, boat owners are finding fuel alternatives like solar power to fuel their boats. Client: Boating Magazine

Athletes, Contracts, and Social Media. Tying real world numbers to friends, posts, tweets, and klout. Client: Transworld Business 

Cover for a feature story about a traffic accident and the web of political and financial issues which followed. Client: Orlando Weekly

Make Your Own Fun. A sledding winch 'how-to' to build your own pulley system to pull a sled up a hill in the snow. Client: Popular Science

Music Man. How to balance a couples' musical tastes (and acts) at their wedding reception. Client: Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

Top 10 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding. Spots for a feature article about the benefits of destination weddings. Client: Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

At Your Service. Icons for a list of gifts that new parents need but cannot be bought in a store. Client: Babytalk Magazine
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